Bruce lee Workout and Diet plan – Ultimate Super human training program

Bruce lee was the best athlete the world will ever know and secret is in his workout routine. He was best martial artist and according to Jim Kelly he was untouchable and always one step ahead.

Bruce lee super human training

If we talk about his super human skills then he can run 4 miles in 24 minutes and that is just unbelievable. His one inch punch is still topic of discussion by martial artist.

Now the major question is can anyone be like Bruce lee or can we get Bruce lee like physique. Well answer is yes and no at the same time. Most of his workout routine is not known to the world, mainly because he is inventor of many workout routine, which is not known to the world. He has taken his every exercise to the extreme level, whether his pull ups, pushups or abs work out.   bruce lee fight practice


It is difficult to be like him but we can surely achieve great result by following his footsteps. Lee was trained in wing chun by yip men and later he has invented Jeet Kune Do fighting style and many other exercise routine. Many athlete and MMA fighters still follow Bruce lee training schedule and techniques.

Bruce Lee Diet schedule and tips

Lee was not only elite martial artist but ace level nutrition. His superhuman physique cannot be possible without healthy diet. Here are some principle Bruce lee follow for his diet.

1) Eat what is good

He is not fan of backed food such as cakes, biscuits or pastries. According to Bruce this calories does no good to human body.

2) Interval eating

Eating in interval can prevent your body from making fat. Moreover eating less quantity and more frequently will give signals to body that it does not need to save energy. Lee used to eat five times in a day.

3) Royal Jelly  

Lee is fan of honey and Ginseng, according to him it gives instant energy to his muscles.Bruce lee eating and diet plan

4) Not to eat carbohydrates only     

Bruce is in the favor of balance diet consist of Protein, vitamins and good fat. As protein are good for building muscles and it can be easily availed in Eggs, milk, cheese and other food products.

5) Tea

Bruce is big fan of Tea just like many Asians. Tea is full of anti oxidants and it helps to inverse immunity. Sometimes lee mix tea with honey and most of time he prefers black tea or less sugar and milk tea.

6) Supplements

He was the originator of protein shake. He also takes protein powered and other pills along with protein shakes.


Bruce lee Workout schedule

We all know that Lee was the greatest martial artist ever lived so his workout schedule must be different from others.

In 1964 Lee was challenged by Wong Jack Man. Bruce lee won this fight in less than 3 minutes but that too longer then what he was expected so he has changed his training style and workout methods.

He has divided his triaging into two parts, one is martial art training and other is strength and weight lifting.

Punches: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Alternate day)

  • Jab-Speed Bag, Top and Bottom Bag, Foam Pad
  • Overhand Cross-Pad, Heavy Bag
  • Platform Speed Bag Workout
  • Combinations- Heavy Bag, Top and Bottom Bag
  • Top and Bottom Bag, Cross-Foam Pad, Heavy Bag,
  • Hook-Heavy Bag, Top and Bottom Bag, Foam Padbruce lee punch with heavy bag

Kicks: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (Alternate day)

  • Hook Kick
  • Rear and Front Thrust
  • Spin Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Heel Kick

Lee knew that he needs to have super strength to get best from body and after the fight of Wong Jack Man he has make friendship with Iron.

Check out his workout session

Three Day Program

Day: 1

  • Barbell squats
  • Stiff leg barbell good morning
  • Alternating kettle bell press
  • Running
  • Fight practice

Abs workout

  • Barbell sideband
  • Leg rise
  • Sit upBruce lee body

Day: 2

  • Fight practice
  • Skipping ropes
  • Cycling

Abs workout

  • Barbell sideband
  • Leg rise
  • Sit up

Day: 3

Same as day one, repeat each exercise on alternate day.

bruce lee abs workout

Six Day Program

 Day 1 and 4

  • Fighting practice (20 minutes on heavy begs)

Abs workout

  • Barbell side band
  • Leg rise
  • Sit up

Day 2 and 5

  • Barbell squats
  • Stiff leg barbell good morning
  • Barbell bench press – medium grip
  • Alternating kettle bell press
  • Running

Day 3 and 6

  • Fight practice
  • Skipping ropes
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