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Chris Powell is 39 year old personal trainer, television personality, entrepreneur, author, weight loss expert and model. He is best known for his reality television series Extreme weight loss on ABC Television Series. Chris is a fitness Guru and helped thousands of people to get free from obesity. He is one of the most celebrated and successful fitness trainers in the USA. Many of his students lost as much as 400 pounds of weight (David Smith), which is just remarkable.chris powell weight loss workout

Chris Powell Biography

Powell was born in Phoenix, Arizona on 2nd March 1978. He was weak and smallest kid during his school days. His parents motivated him to lift weight to gain strength and good physique. Chris has started seeing results after lifting weight and following a good diet. Earlier he was pale and light but regular workout and diet helped him to carve ripped body, endurance, strength.

Journey to Fitness

His love for physical exercise helped him to get a degree in Exercise Science from Arizona state university. Chris has also received a certificate of CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). He has started working as a personal trainer after completing his education. His superior exercise techniques and balanced diet plan made him popular.

His fame took him to television, where he was the host for reality show Extreme Weight Loss. It is one of the successful reality shows of USA. Chris has also written a book on weight loss Chris Powell’s Choose More Lose More for Life and Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution.  Apart from this he has also released fitness DVD for weight loss.

chris powell diet plan for extreme weig

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Personal Information and wiki

  • Name: Chris Powell
  • Nickname:
  • Birth date: March 2, 1978
  • Home: Arizona
  • Profession: Personal trainer, reality show personality, talk show host, author, model
  • Spouse: Heidi Powell
  • Education: Exercise Science
  • Net worth: $ 10 to 50 Million


Chris Powell physical information and facts

  • Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
  • Weight: 84 kg (185 lbs)
  • Chest – inch
  • Biceps –inch
  • Waist –inch
  • Eye: Blue
  • Hair: brunette
  • Age: 39 as on July 2017

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Chris Powell Workout Plan

Powell has achieved worldwide fame for losing weight. His workout plan is followed by millions of obese people to lose extra fat from the body. Chris Powell workout is a mix of cardio, HILT, weight lifting and circuit training. You may find variation in his every exercise. If you are looking for weight loss technique then he is the best in town. You may also read his book for various personal techniques.


Chris spends 5 to 10 minutes for stretching before every workout. It helps to keep him flexible and avoid injuries, which is the result of stiff muscles. He has developed many injuries during his early days of training as his main focus was gain muscles.

Cardio for weight loss

According to Powell cardio is the best exercise to lose weight, it increases blood circulation and heart rate, which ultimately burns extra fat. It is tedious and hard workouts but when it comes to losing weight, no one can beat cardio workout.

chris powell extreme weight loss diet

Five-Minute Fat Loss Workout Routine

  • Jog in place (low intensity)
  • Lift your knees to waist height (high intensity)
  • Side steps (low intensity)
  • Jumping jacks (high intensity)
  • Back step in place (low intensity)
  • Cross-country skiers (high intensity)
  • Jab, cross, knee (low intensity)
  • Duck upper cut (high intensity)
  • Jump rope
  • Tuck jumps

You have to do each exercise for 30 seconds and it should be done without a break. You can take rest after completing a set of all exercise.

  • Muscle building workout
  • Dumbbell Bicep curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Pull ups
  • Push ups
  • Chin ups
  • Shoulder press
  • Russian twist
  • Sit ups
  • Squats (weighted)
  • Cross fit training

His tries to do a different exercise for a different body part. If you do the same exercise then you will lose flexibility and your muscle will get stiffed. So avoid regular reps and do a variety of exercise.

chris powell workout routine for weight los

Chris Powell Diet

Diet is important more than exercise when it comes to weight loss. Chris follows low-fat food product for losing fat. He takes protein rich food such as egg white, chicken, fish, soya, soya milk, tofu and other health beans. He also takes protein supplement and a protein bar for daily protein intake. Low carb food helps to lose weight faster and easier.

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Chris Powell


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