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Kate Hudson is one of the fittest actresses of Hollywood. She was born in 1979 and rose to fame in 2000 for her role Penny Lane in Movie Almost Famous. Kate is fitness enthusiastic and loves to keep her body & mind fit and healthy. Kate Hudson body is desired many women’s and often they dream to have body like her.  Well if you want to look like her then you have to follow her workout and diet plan. Remember her incredible abs in Glee, well she has achieved with regular exercise and proper diet.

Kate Hudson health secretskate hudson yoga

Kate is also the person who spreads her tips and fitness mantra to her fans. She has reveled her health secrets in her book “Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body”. Now check out her wellness mantra, diet plan and workout schedule. Follow this workout guide under expert supervision and may be you too will achieve Kate Hudson body and figure.

kate hudson workout

Kate Hudson measurements

  • Body measurement:
  • Bra Size:
  • Height: 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)
  • Weight: 48 kg (106 pounds)
  • Shoe Size: 6 (US)
  • Dress Size: 2-4 (US)
  • Hair : Blonde
  • Eye Color: Green


Kate Hudson Diet Plan

Every great body needs good food and kate Hudson body is just incredible. She got lean body with low body fat.  Kate avoids oily food and junk food. She is in favor of vitamins, minerals, iron and protein rich diet. She has also maintained in her book that she follows alkaline diet. Moreover she also prefers fruits, vegetables, tofu and nuts.

kate hudson abs workout

Kate has mentioned benefits of eating good food in her book. According to her, one has to eliminate bad food habits to get lean body. Person with good food habits will have great skin and awesome body too. Kate loves to try new dishes just like everyone but she eats in smaller quantity. She eats fruits and veggies  to lose or maintain the weight.

Kate Hudson Workout Routine

We all love her lean body and her abs in glee is just next to perfect. Kate Hudson follows strict and health workout routine. Her workout includes cardio, yoga, strength training, rope jumping and Pilates.  She do exercise five days a week.kate hudson doing pushups in gym cloths

Kate Hudson is also a great rope skipper. She keeps skipping rope in her beg and Kate uses her free time for skipping ropes. Moreover Kate Hudson do pole dancing and zumba to maintain body fat.

Kate Hudson has done intense training to lose post pregnancy weight. She has lost 70 pounds with her Pilates training. Her workout includes, leg rise, hot potatoes roll-ups, 100s, double-leg stretches, skipping rope, single leg pulls, crisscrosses and running.

Kate Hudson believes that one has to keep his body and mind healthy. It is only possible through discipline and right food habits. One cannot attain body goals just by doing exercise, proper food is necessary too.


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