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Laura Michelle Prestin is a fitness cover model, author, registered nurse, fitness specialist and social media star. She is famous as Miss Prestin over the social media. Laura is followed by thousands of people online and she shares her workout videos and diet tips. She also motivates others to sculpt a hot body.

Laura Michelle Prestin Workout & Diet

Miss Prestin has achieved her desired body and now she motivates others who are dreaming to have a body like her. She also competes in WBFF pro bikini. Currently, she puts her workout video on Instagram and Facebook so that others can follow her and achieve the desired result.laura michelle prestin diet plan


Laura is from Toronto Canada and currently living as a global citizen. Prestin was a sports junky when she was a child. She was always running and jumping and takes part in competitive sports. She was very much active in soccer and track. Laura has started swimming and gymnastics during her school days. These activities led her to become more active and competitive. Most of her time was invested in sports activity and her love for sports expanded heavily.

Personal info and wiki

  • Name: Laura Michelle Prestin
  • Nick Name: Miss Prestin
  • Birthdate: 29 January 1985
  • Age: 31 years in December 2017
  • Home: Toronto Canada
  • Profession: Fitness coach, fitness model, personal trainer, nurse
  • Education: BA PT
  • Net Worth: $ 15 to $ 50 Million
  • Spouse: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Siblings: NA
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Laura Michelle Prestin Measurement and body facts

  • Measurements: NA
  • Bra Size: NA
  • Cup: NA
  • Breast: Natural
  • Height: 5.7 (170 CM)
  • Weight: 56 (125 LBS)
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Body type: Athletic
  • Dress size: US, EU
  • Shoe size: US, EU, UK
  • Best thing: Legs, Abs, Back, Hair

Early years

Soon enough, Laura found that she wanted to build upon her athletic physique. However, Laura didn’t really have a clue where to start. Because of this, she failed to make progress due to a lack of consistency and failure to follow a suitable workout and nutrition program.

Initially, she was not able to keep in touch with sports activity due to a busy schedule. She knows her goal but lake of time keeps her off the track. Laura was not able to keep up her discipline and because of that, she was not able to follow her workout and diet schedule. Miss Prestin started a modeling in college time, which made her busier. Even she had no time to follow a diet and daily workout was a distant dream. After that Laura realized that she had to hit the gym back and need to get in shape. Laura started training with passion and achieved a marvelous result. she noticed beautiful result in just a few months. Ultimately It leads her to win WBFF Pro status in 2011.laura michelle prestin workout

Laura Michelle Prestin Workout schedule

Miss Prestin exercise plans are very simple and very effective. She focuses on over body health. For her, strength and muscles both are important. Laura generally visits gyms 4 to 5 days a week and does focus body part exercise. She also does yoga for core strength and flexibility. Laura also does kickboxing and cardio for strength and endurance.

Miss Prestin workout schedule

  • Day 1 – Monday: Legs
  • Day 2 – Tuesday: Back/Abs/Arms
  • Day 3 – Wednesday: Chest/Shoulders
  • Day 4 – Thursday: Legs
  • Day 5 – Friday: Back/Abs/Arms
  • Day 6 – Saturday: Yoga
  • Day 7 – Sunday: Rest

Leg workout

  • Machine squats
  • Squats
  • Lungs

Abs exercise

  • Leg Raises
  • Crunches
  • Russian twist

Biceps, shoulders, triceps exercise

  • Dumbbell curls
  • Dips
  • Barbell curls

Laura Michelle Prestin Diet plan

Her diet plan/meal plan includes healthy food options. She eats lots of veggies and salads.  Apart from this, she also takes protein-rich food for muscle building and weight loss. You can eat egg white, chicken breast, lean meat as a protein source. A supplement such as whey protein, or protein bar can be used to fulfill daily protein need.

Photo of Laura Michelle Prestin
Laura Michelle Prestin
(Miss Prestin)
Job Title
Fitness expert, fitness model, online coach

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