Lose Weight in simple way (Up to 6 KG) – No Diet Plan & Boring Workout

Well, I know why you are here and you are looking for some easy ways to lose weight. So the first thing, which you wanted to ask is –

Is there any simple way to lose weight?

I would like to answer this question in one word. Yes!!!!!!!

Now you are thinking, I will give you an age-old diet plan and exercise routine. Every other website and the online forum has that trick but I don’t have it. So what do I have? which will help you to lose weight?

My methods are quite simple and I like that way only. Just like any other average person, I cannot be hungry for a long time. I am foodie person; I like to try every dish, which is out there. Reading and eating are two things, I love the most.

Now, you must be wondering, how can a person lose weight without sacrificing all those amazing dishes?

I have simple way, which is easy and effective to lose weight and infect I would like to call best fat loss method. By losing fat I mean overall body fat.Is there any simple way to lose weight.

Some Points you should know about Weight loss

I am considering you a super busy person, who does not have enough time for gym and cannot go for extreme diet (I would not recommend at all) and currently you may be weighing 80 kg, 90kg or 100 KG. if we understand about your current situation then you have achieved this weight over a period of time. You may be slim in your school and college days but after starting a job, you don’t have time for physical activities, you are eating junk foods and all sorts of unhealthy food and this junk food help you to get an extra layer of fat. Now you are looking for some quick fix thing to lose weight. well, don’t expect, that you will get rid of the fat in just a few days. There is no magic trick, there is the hard way to lose an extra layer of fat.


Now if you are wanted to get rid of this extra layer of fat and you don’t know how to do it? and If you are ready to lose weight then go for quick self-analysis and follow these simple steps.


Self analysis

This is the first and most important step in your fat loss journey. You have to do yourself analysis. You have to understand what are your food habits? How much sugary drinks do you consume? Do you eat even if you are not hungry? Do you have time for a workout? This is some basic question you have to ask yourself. We will discuss all above steps in details.

What are your food habits?

You have to figure out what makes you overweight? Are you eating more junk food? Or you are eating food, which is not adding anything to your body. Once you know your food then next step is cut down one thing at one time.

If you are eating Pizza, burgers and other junk food every day than you can not quit this in one single day. Otherwise, you will start carving and next day, you will stop to eat your favorite junk food.

So the simplest thing is to go for one day break. For example, if you are eating junk food daily than eat on an alternate day. Do this for one or two weeks and increase the gap when you are ready. In this way, you will not get carving and start getting distracted from junk food.

Now as you start consuming less amount of junk food, replace this food with healthy food with lots of protein, good fat, low carbs, vegetables, fruits, juices( without sugar) and milk.What are your food habits.

How much sugary drinks do you consume?

Half of the America is obsessed just because of sugary drinks. It may test great but it does not do any good to your body. If you are taking sugary drinks on daily basis than half of your weight gain is just because of soft drinks.

Just like junk food, you will not able to avoid soft drinks in a single day. But we have a great option which can curb your craving for soft drinks and it is diet soda. I know, test sucks but it will not add anything in your body and you will avoid few unwanted calories.

Do you eat even if you are not hungry?

Sometimes we are eating even if we are not hungry. So just avoid overeating and you can do this from day one. You don’t need these extra calories. You are gaining weight and losing your health when you overeat.

Do you have time for a workout?

If you are working Male/Female then you don’t have extra time for anything and workout is a distant dream. Every other super busy guy feels the same way. Exercise, not only help you to lose weight but make you healthy, smart and fit for daily up-downs.

But the basic question is you don’t have time to go gym? Right,

Well we don’t have to go gym for exercise.

Just for example,

If you are going to your office by bus than leave your house 15 minutes early and walks up to next bus stop.

If your office is at 30th floor than leave elevator on 25th floor (you can choose 20th floor, if you are comfortable) and hit the stairs for last 5 floors.

Bring a pet to your house (if possible take dog as pet) as you have to take your dog out for every day and it will complete your quota of daily walking. It will not only help you to lose weight but it will light up your mood.


This method will not help you to lose weight in 3 weeks or 4 weeks. This is not a diet plan which will help you to lose 3kg weight in just four weeks. But if you do self-analysis, eat what is right, avoid junk food, do some basic but effective exercise than in next 6 months you will not observe only weight loss but you will see some positive changes in your body.


Pro Tip: don’t set goals which are not achievable but set one long-term goal, Like set a goal to lose 6 kg in a month six month so technically you just have to lose one kg in one month and this goal is easily achievable.

Lose Weight in simple way (Up to 6 KG) – No Diet Plan & Boring Workout
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Lose Weight in simple way (Up to 6 KG) – No Diet Plan & Boring Workout
Lose weight in a simple and easy way, no diet plan and exercise schedule. lose 6 to 8 kg weight in few months/weeks. get rid of fat easily
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