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Phil Heath is American IFBB professional bodybuilder and current Mr. Olympia. He was basket ball player and later chooses body building as career option. Health has won Mr. Olympia in 2011 and 2015 and he is famous from his nickname “The Gift”. Health has inspired millions of youngsters for body building. Phil heath workout routines are widely used by so many gyms and fitness enthusiastic.

Phil Heath – The Gift

The Gift has done rigorous training and as result he won Mr. Olympia Two times. He also encourages youngsters to do exercise. He has launched her body building DVDs and it widely used by so many aspiring body builders. Phil concentrates one body part at a time and he tries to lift as much weight as possible.

Phil Heath

As a professional body builder Phil has to do heavy exercise. He generally allots two hours for body building. Health AKA The gift follows the same strategy of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. In this strategy they focus on each body part twice a week. Hany Rambod guided Health for his body building and he has made special schedule for him.


Phil Health Workout

Monday (Day – 1): Legs

Monday (Hamstrings, Calves and Quads)


Stiff-Leg Dead lifts48 to 10
Lying Leg Curls48 to 10
Seated Leg Curls710 to 12
Standing Calf Raises415 to 20
Leg Press Calf Raises420
Seated Calf Raises715
Extensions410 to 12
Front Squats410 to 12
Leg Presses412
Hack Squats77

Phill health leg workout

Tuesday (Day – 2) (Chest and Triceps)

Dumbbell Incline Presses410 to 12
Dumbbell Incline Flyes410 to 12
Hammer Strength Bench Presses310 to 12
Pec Decks710 to 12
Pushdowns of Rope Attachment310 to 12
Dips310 to 12
Close-Grip Bench Presses310 to 12
Lying Triceps Extensions710 to 12
Leg Presses412
Hack Squats77


Wednesday (Day-3): Rest Day

Thursday (Day-4): Back and Biceps

Wide-Grip Pull-Ups310 to 12
Power-Grip Chin-Ups310 to 12
T-bar Rows412
Bent-Over Rows412
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows312
Straight-Arm Pull Downs of Rope Attachment710 to 12
Standing EZ-Bar Curls312
Hammer Curls312
Concentration Curls312
Hammer Strength Preacher Curls78 to 10

Phill health back workout

Friday (Day -5): Shoulders and Traps

Smith Machine Military Presses410 to 12
Dumbbell Front Raises410 to 12
Upright Rows410 to 12
Dumbbell Lateral Raises710 to 12
Dumbbell Shrugs412
Barbell Shrugs412


Saturday (Day-6): Cardio

Sunday (Day-7): Rest dayPhil Heath biceps workout exercise

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