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Sandra Grajales is two times IFBB champion and IFBB Pro figure competitor. She has achieved pro title from IFBB in just span of three years; she is from Misantla, Mexico.  She is one of the most muscular women on earth. Her workout and diet plan is followed by many young women who wanted to build muscles like her. she has the biggest biceps among all women bodybuilders. sandra grajales bio age

Sandra Grajales Biography

Sandra is currently testing bite of success; according to her she never took break from workout. She is not fit in her early days; one can call her pale and weak in childhood days. Later she decided to change her physique and joined a gym. Initially, she was unaware of how to do weight training. With continuous effort and expert guidance Grajales has started developing a good physique.

Early years

She started to see a change in her figure in just a few months. Her weight training and meal plan helped her to gain ideal weight and muscles. She also shared her fitness journey, workout videos, and photos on Instagram. Grajales has huge popularity on photo-sharing website Instagram.

Muscle building

Sandra has also started to appear in a figure competition and within a time span of 3 years, she becomes pro in IFBB. Currently, she is two times winner of IFBB. Currently, she is one of the most famous names in the fitness industry. Her workout and diet plans are an inspiration to new girls.sandra grajales height weight

Personal info and wiki

  • Name: Sandra Grajales
  • Nick Name:
  • Birth date: November 6, 1992
  • Age: 25 years in July 2017
  • Home: Mexico
  • Profession: IFBB PRO, Figure modeling
  • Education: NA
  • Net Worth: $ 3 to $ 4 Million

Sandra Grajales Measurement and body facts

  • Measurements:
  • Bra Size:
  • Cup:
  • Breast:
  • Height: 5.1 (155 CM)
  • Weight: 56 (125 LBS)
  • Hair color: brunette
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Body type: Athletic
  • Dress size: US, EU
  • Shoe size: US, EU, UK – Not known
  • Best thing: Back, shoulders, Abs, legs

sandra grajales fitness instagram


  • 1st place new women’s championship figure
  • 1st place juvenile figure in Mr. Mexico juvenile
  • 1 place figure up to 1.58 national championship
  • 1 place figure class A second place overall in the amateur Arnold classic 1 lugat juvenile Mr. Juvenile Mexico
  • First place Class A and absolute title in the North American Championship IFBB obtaining his professional card
  • 2 place open amateur Olympia
  • 2 place juvenile figure junior world championship 2015
  • Third place figure up to 1.58 national championships
  • 4 place figure open class A in the IFBB North American Championship
  • Fifth place Bikini Youth in the women’s championship 2014
  • State champion in Veracruz in bikini

sandra grajales stats

Sandra Grajales workout plan

It takes time, patience, hard work and dedication to get a figure and muscles like Grajales. Her story of from nowhere to the winner of IFBB is just outstanding. Sandra has done weight training for building muscles. She has followed one muscle a day strategy, where she focuses only one muscle at a time. Grajales tries to lift as much as weight possible with lower reps. it increases mass growth and one can get bigger muscles. She focuses on all muscle groups which not done by many women bodybuilder.

Core workout

  • Crunches 10 reps x 3 sets
  • Mountain climber 12 to 10 reps x 3 sets
  • Dumbbell chop: 10 sets x 3 reps
  • Hip cross over 12 reps x 3 sets
  • Plank for 30 seconds

Buttocks, Leg workout

  • Front lunges with dumbbell
  • Lying leg curls
  • Seated calf raise
  • Barbell squats
  • Leg extension

sandra grajales biceps

Back exercise

  • Pull Ups
  • Chin ups
  • Cattle ball swing exercise
  • Wide grip lat pulldown
  • Bent over row
  • Back extension
  • T-bar row

Biceps triceps workout

  • Dumbbell Biceps curls
  • Barbell biceps curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Lateral biceps curls
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Seated barbell extension
  • Dumbbell triceps extension

sandra grajales ifbb pro

 Sandra Grajales Diet plan

A good diet is very important to build good muscles when you want bigger visible muscles like Sandra then you must follow her meal plans. She takes 5 to 6 meals in a day. All meals are loaded with protein which comes from the chicken breast, egg white, protein supplement, and fish. She also eats vegetables, fruits, almonds, beans, and juices.

Photo ofSandra Grajales
Sandra Grajales
Job Title
IFBB PRO, Figure modeling

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