10 Training & workout Myths Exposed – Everything you need to know

Men are a social animal, and we tend to believe what we heard. But what is the authenticity? We wanted to clear 10 Training and workout myths which everyone should know. myth

1) One cannot build muscle and burn the fat at the same time.

Is it true = NO

It is pure myth, and anyone is telling that it cannot be possible when he does not know, how the body works. In reality, one can build muscles while losing fat.

2) Dead Lifts are bad for your back

Is it true = hell no

Fact is Deadlifts are the best workout to strengthen your back and core muscles. You can lift heavy weight without stressing your back if you are doing deadlift regularly.

3) You have to use heavy weight to build muscles

Is it true = Noooo

Ronnie Coleman said in an interview, “if you want to build muscles as fast as possible, lift heavy weight.” Well, its right but you can also build muscles with lighter weights and high reps.

4) Squats are bad for your knees

Is it true = Totally wrong

Many people will tell you that Squats are bad for your knee and you will damage your knee. Well if squats are hurting your knees then you are squatting wrong. So when you perform squat next time, Use right technique and you will never damage your knees.

5) Don’t eat late night; it will make you fat

Is it true = partially

It’s not a total truth. It depends on what you are eating. If you are eating high protein food then eating at night is not a problem.

6) Daily abs workout is a key to six pack abs

Is it true: Not at all

The regular exercise will not help you if you have a terrible eating pattern. Improve eating habit, and you will see six-pack abs real soon.

7) You have to eat less to lose fat

Is it true: biggest lie

It is not the most efficient way to lose weight, infect it is not healthy at all. Instead of skipping meals, start taking small meals after every 3 to 4 hours. It will keep up your metabolism, which will help you to lose weight.

8) Strength training makes you big and bulky

Is it true: it is not a total truth

If your strength training smart and intelligently then you will become leaner, faster, agile and stronger.

9) Women should lift lower weight

Is it true: No

Most women fear that they will bulk up if they lift the heavyweight, well it is not true. Professional bodybuilder spends countless hours in a gym to build muscles, so there is no chance that you will end up being bulky.

10) You can reduce fat in the desired area

Is it true = Big No

Your Body does not work that way. Most of the time people want to lose belly fat or thigh fat, and they do focus muscle group exercise. If you wanted to see results, then try to lose overall fat and eventually you will lose fat from the desired area.

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